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GratiTuesday Living with an attitude of gratitude can be challenging when adversity rears its ugly head. Who wants to give thanks for a sore body, an exhausted mind and a pile of unpaid bills? Actually, that’s specifically when you need … Continued

Thanksliving Week

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Thanksliving Week I don’t get to church as often as I should, but when I do I have the good fortune to be surrounded by marvelous people and a splendid pastor. I did attend yesterday and Pastor Russ shared a … Continued

Even More Rules

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Even More Rules I’m kind of busy with the projects I’ve mentioned in recent posts, so I’m jumping straight to the Rules of Acquisition today. Rule #21: Never place friendship before profit This may be a rule for the back-stabbing, … Continued

Nothing Doing

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Nothing Doing What’s that Red Panda doing? Posting in his sleep. LOL. Me too. One of the great things about a blog is that I can write stuff ahead of time and have it magically appear on a given day … Continued

Wakefulness and five more rules

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Wakefulness and five more rules I recently mentioned going to sleep in terms of business. We established that keeping your nose to the grindstone for interminable periods only leads to waste, loss of focus and accidents. Wakefulness I don’t know … Continued

The Rules

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The Rules To start off here, I’m a Star Trek fan from way back. I’m not quite old enough to have watched the original series when it was on, but I watched the episodes in syndication throughout my adolescence. So, … Continued

Omelettes & Obituaries

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Omelettes & Obituaries Easter comes in March this year, so I’m going to riff a little bit on the topics central to Easter. When we think of Easter, there are the religious aspects and the secular aspects. The religious aspects, … Continued

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