Happy Cyber Monday 2017

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Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday 2017

Okay, I know the drill. You probably had a lovely long weekend off. Knocked off work on Wednesday afternoon, maybe even a couple of hours early. Had a stressful dinner with the family on Thursday. Had an even more stressful shopping excursion at dawn on Friday. Maybe a bit of follow-on shopping on Saturday. Chowed down on leftovers yesterday and now you’re back to work. After all that time off, your head simply isn’t in the game yet now is it? What’s going to help you kick the cobwebs away on a Monday after a long holiday weekend?

Cyber Monday

This has been the bane of management for almost two decades. After a long weekend off, you’re expected to return bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Time to get back to the ol’ grindstone. Problem is, you’ve been ticking the boxes on your Christmas shopping lists all weekend. It’s first and foremost on your mind. You might even want to get back to work, but that shopping is on your mind.

In days of yore, you’d have to dash out during your lunch break or hit the mall on the way home. Now, we have the internet! You can get anything you want at the very minute you want it! A few clicks and anything your heart desires can be on its way to your house. With that kind of temptation, getting back to work is quite a chore.

As with anything, moderation is the key. If you’re at work, it’s a good idea to do your work. The temptation is to try to get away with an on-site sick day, but don’t do it. Here’s a strategy you can employ to get you through the day and back into the groove.

It’s recommended that you work for 45-50 minutes at a time and then get up to take a stretch break and get your eyes off of the screen. While you are getting your eyes away from that computer screen, you can open a couple of tabs on your phone’s browser and then stuff it back in your pocket. It can bring up the pages you’ve requested without having to look at it. Return to your next work period. At your next break, pull up your first shopping tab and quickly browse the page. If something catches your eye, email the link to your personal email address. That way, when you get home, you can go ahead and buy whatever you’ve found. In this way, you’re still working as you ought to. You’re still getting your breaks and relieving eye strain while speed shopping. Your urge to shop is sated without actually interfering with your work as it usually would.

Hunting Season

When you live out in the boonies like me, you’ll find that people simply extend the holiday weekend another day. Why? Well, before there was Cyber Monday there was Hunting Season. Rugged woodsmen of all ages trudge out into the frigid late Autumn countryside in search of game. In Pennsylvania, the season for antlered deer and black bears begins today. Along with antlered deer, a hunter can also claim a non-antlered deer if a license is purchased.

From ages ago when I was in high school until today, some rural high schools will remain closed on the first day of hunting season because they knew that a lot of the students would be out with their dads, uncles and granddads. I never hunted, but I appreciated the extra day off. I also appreciate the flavor of venison. I particularly appreciate the culling of deer that would otherwise be leaping out in front of my car without warning. They are lovely majestic creatures, but the charm wears off after they’ve demolished a couple of your cars. So, if you’re an avid hunter, please come to Schuylkill County and rid me of these blasted moronic herbivores!

Whether you’re bargain hunting online or just plain hunting out in the woods, I wish you the best and hope you come away with what you’re seeking today.

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