It’s ALIVE!!!

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It’s ALIVE!!!

Okay, I stayed up til God’s Own Hour to get it done but my very first Warrior Special Offer is up and running.

What is it? It’s a 3 page cheat sheet that contains:

  • 2 kinds of viral campaign
  • 3 essential elements of running a successful viral campaign
  • 5 platforms to run viral campaigns
  • 6 of the top resources for each of those 5 platforms
  • 4 things NOT to do

That’s a lot of information to pack into 3 little pages so I’m charging buku bucks for it. Okay, not really. It’s only $3, but I couldn’t see giving it away for free because people don’t value free stuff as much as they ought to. If you don’t exact a price, they don’t recognize the value in most cases. The other reason is that I wanted to have something to bribe my affiliates with. Granted, $1.50 isn’t necessarily going to stampede to sell it but they also get 50% of the upsells as well.

What are the upsells?

If you pick up the cheat sheet, you’ll be offered an eBook that dives into more detail on the points listed above and crucial need-to-know tips on some of the sites linked on pages 2 and 3. That’s $8. If you want an even deeper dive on a specific method, I’m also offering a video course on how to use Andy Brocklehurst’s EZ Software Maker to create software that you can syndicate on download sites to generate viral traffic. That’s $21.

How can I see more details?

Rob’s Viral Cheatsheet
Viral Firecrackers
Viral Giveaway Tricks & Treats

How can I get in on the action?

I’m giving 50% commission on the whole funnel. If I know you, like you and trust you, I can give you immediate commissions. Otherwise, we need to cross that territory and I’ll need you to start off with delayed commissions.

Nothing personal, I’m just following the recommendations from JVZoo to prevent you and me from falling prey to fraud. So,┬áclick here to apply for affiliate status and I’ll get you set up as soon as possible.

There are some JV Tools available for Viral Giveaway Tricks & Treats if you’d like to make use of those.

Stay Tuned

There’s more where this came from, so keep an eye out for my next product.

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