Two-Fisted Tuesday

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Two-Fisted Tuesday Yesterday we explored the mysteries of manly communication.  As much as we may wish to dismiss the heroic figures in our lives as cavemen or exalt them like masculine demigods of a new age, we are simply flesh … Continued

Just another Manly Monday

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Just another Manly Monday So, it’s a beautiful week here in rural Pennsylvania.  Spring has sprung right ahead into summertime and we’ve broken out the warm weather clothes at long last.  As such, it’s time to reflect on what it … Continued

Born 2 Weeks Late

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Born 2 Weeks Late So, Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and it’s time to do a little thinking about all the mothers in our lives. Personally, I’ve got my own mother, a mother in law and my own beloved … Continued

Why Content Marketing Is Sexy

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Why Content Marketing Is Sexy There’s a saying that on the internet, Content is King! So, the real power, the real leverage, the 100% juice online is content. If you can produce meaningful, valuable content; you will take on some kingly … Continued

Binary Options

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Binary Options Okay, so it’s a geek joke that scientists, mathematicians and computer nerds will chuckle at readily.  What does it mean to the uninformed? The best way to spoil a joke is to explain it That may well be … Continued

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2014

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Happy St Patrick’s Day 2014 Here’s a quick celebration of my Irish heritage.  I’m wearing green today.  My green sweater got too hot so I switched to a green tee instead.  I drank green coffee (it’s magically delicious).  We’re having … Continued

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Well, it’s Valentine’s Day 2014 and I’m tired. Why are you tired, Rob? Thank you for asking.  I’m tired because we got some more snow.  I had to shovel so my wife and son could go to work … Continued


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TGIF Well, another week whizzes by and what have I got to show for it?  I could be a pessimist and say not too terribly much, but that would belie the famous acronym cited above. Thank God It’s Friday How … Continued

Snow, snow, go away…

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Snow, snow, go away… Okay, so the Groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of Winter.  That’s kind of silly because regardless of whether the groundhog predicts an early Spring or an extended Winter, there are still an additional 6 weeks until … Continued

Superbowl Sunday!

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Superbowl Sunday Hey! If you’re a geek like me, you probably don’t care one way or the other about the Superbowl.  Maybe you like the funny commercials.  Maybe you like the halftime show.  Maybe you like having a party with … Continued

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