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GratiTuesday Living with an attitude of gratitude can be challenging when adversity rears its ugly head. Who wants to give thanks for a sore body, an exhausted mind and a pile of unpaid bills? Actually, that’s specifically when you need … Continued

Thanksliving Week

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Thanksliving Week I don’t get to church as often as I should, but when I do I have the good fortune to be surrounded by marvelous people and a splendid pastor. I did attend yesterday and Pastor Russ shared a … Continued

Just Say No~vember

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Just Say No~vember   NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month is upon us. It is a 30 day challenge to get your very own novel done. Add to the corpus of human endeavor. Join the library of great stories written by … Continued

Pushing Goodness

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Pushing Goodness I’ve been reading the book Abundance, by Peter Diamandis. Why? I needed a dose of goodness. Optimism The thing I like about this book and Dr. Diamandis’ point of view in general is his reasoned optimism. The facts … Continued

Some Interesting Sayings

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Some Interesting Sayings I had some ideas rattling around inside my head today, so I thought I’d share them with you today. It’s funny the stuff that you collect along the way through life. It’s also funny how seemingly unrelated … Continued

My Green Office

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My Green Office Hey! While it’s not technically Summer, summer weather has kicked in and it’s getting kind of close in the house.  After a long winter full of ice, snow and cabin fever, even I am glad to be … Continued

We Love Mom

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We Love Mom …but let’s face it. She’s sooooo last week. Dad is the future! Father’s Day is coming. Get ready now because boys love their toys. Mom may be happy with a bouquet of flowers or a homemade greeting … Continued


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TGMF – Thank Goodness for Manly Friday The real sign of a manly man is to have the strength of spirit and character that shines through the macho facade and the goofy masculine antics.  Men are simple creatures.  Real men … Continued

Burly Thursday

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Burly Thursday Okay, we’re heading into the weekend and it’s time to take stock and refresh a bit. Manly Grooming Since we’ve had our manly exercise, there’s a pretty good chance we’re not smelling so fresh or possibly looking a … Continued

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