Wholly Hump Day

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Wholly Hump Day So, you’ve had your beer and your manly portion of meat but you don’t want to look like a beer keg.  It’s time for action! Manly Action Men are verbs.  Men are all about action and today … Continued

Two-Fisted Tuesday

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Two-Fisted Tuesday Yesterday we explored the mysteries of manly communication.  As much as we may wish to dismiss the heroic figures in our lives as cavemen or exalt them like masculine demigods of a new age, we are simply flesh … Continued

Just another Manly Monday

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Just another Manly Monday So, it’s a beautiful week here in rural Pennsylvania.  Spring has sprung right ahead into summertime and we’ve broken out the warm weather clothes at long last.  As such, it’s time to reflect on what it … Continued


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TGIF Well, another week whizzes by and what have I got to show for it?  I could be a pessimist and say not too terribly much, but that would belie the famous acronym cited above. Thank God It’s Friday How … Continued

Superbowl Sunday!

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Superbowl Sunday Hey! If you’re a geek like me, you probably don’t care one way or the other about the Superbowl.  Maybe you like the funny commercials.  Maybe you like the halftime show.  Maybe you like having a party with … Continued

Back to Basics

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Back to Basics Okay, so I’ve been out of the loop.  Doing other projects and being otherwise distracted.  Sorry, I’m not setting a good example here. Anyhow, I’m going back to basics and starting over again like it’s a brand … Continued

The Tale of the Nail

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The Tale of the Nail Well, Jed was visiting his buddy Clem up at the farmstead one day.  Two friends just shootin’ the breeze.  Clem was rocking in his chair on his old front porch and Jed took notice that … Continued

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!  Top o’ the mornin’ to you, my friends!  I’ve got a number of wonderful and magical surprises to let you know you’ve reached the end of the rainbow.   First of the lot is a collection … Continued

Hello world!

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I know it seems like I’m a daft WP newbie who’s forgotten to delete the default “Hello world!” post and replace it with something more appropriate.  Well, surprise!!! I’m a daft WP newbie who hasn’t forgotten to delete the default … Continued

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