Pushing Buttons

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Pushing Buttons Did you ever have a really bad day? Not as bad as the guy in Hawaii who hit the wrong button at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency this weekend. It helps to put things in perspective, doesn’t it? … Continued

Let it snow

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Let it snow So, we’ve gotten the first significant snow of the fourth quarter. It’s lovely and decorative. Very Christmassy. Normally, I’d be on the job right now but there were a number of indicators that today was a really good … Continued

Pushing Goodness

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Pushing Goodness I’ve been reading the book Abundance, by Peter Diamandis. Why? I needed a dose of goodness. Optimism The thing I like about this book and Dr. Diamandis’ point of view in general is his reasoned optimism. The facts … Continued

Monkey See, Monkey Done-For-You

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Monkey See, Monkey Done-For-You I’m seeing a trend of late that is as interesting as it is irritating. Everything in online marketing is somewhat cyclical. This is partly because of innovation and partly because stuff just stops working. It’s been … Continued

Born 2 Weeks Late

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Born 2 Weeks Late So, Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and it’s time to do a little thinking about all the mothers in our lives. Personally, I’ve got my own mother, a mother in law and my own beloved … Continued

Binary Options

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Binary Options Okay, so it’s a geek joke that scientists, mathematicians and computer nerds will chuckle at readily.  What does it mean to the uninformed? The best way to spoil a joke is to explain it That may well be … Continued

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