Lovely Weekend

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Lovely Weekend Snow comes and snow goes. Right now, it’s going. We’ve got a lovely cool weekend ahead of us. No biting, single-digit temps for us. Just a lovely cruise in the mid-40s for the foreseeable future. That will be … Continued

Marshmallow World

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Marshmallow World I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a fluffy white world of stay-the-heck-home. Winter is not over by a long shot, folks. Got some exercise shoveling. Got some important tasks accomplished. Got some tasty comfort food in … Continued

Details, Details

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Details, Details Had a bit of a warm spell on Friday and everybody went nuts thinking that Spring had set in. Geez, people, it’s the middle of January! Did you actually expect that to be that for the rest of … Continued

Another Step Forward

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Another Step Forward Yes, friends, it’s another step forward. I’ve completed another phase of my project. It may seem inconsequential to you, but it’s a giant leap forward for me. Baby Steps I mentioned last time that I had experienced … Continued

New Year, New Direction

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New Year, New Direction Well, 2017 was a tremendously uncomfortable comfort zone for me. It’s funny how you get caught up in the grind. It’s like being dragged along in the current on a lazy river ride. You might want … Continued

2017 Is Done

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2017 Is Done And not a moment too soon! It has been a wonderful year in many respects. My wife and I celebrated 25 years of marriage and I actually lived to the age of 50 and beyond. On the … Continued

Even More Rules

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Even More Rules I’m kind of busy with the projects I’ve mentioned in recent posts, so I’m jumping straight to the Rules of Acquisition today. Rule #21: Never place friendship before profit This may be a rule for the back-stabbing, … Continued

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