Hello world!

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I know it seems like I’m a daft WP newbie who’s forgotten to delete the default “Hello world!” post and replace it with something more appropriate.  Well, surprise!!! I’m a daft WP newbie who hasn’t forgotten to delete the default “Hello world!” post because it serves my purposes just fine.  Frankly, I would quite like to start with a general hello to the world.  So, here goes:

Hello world!

Hello, my fellow internet marketers.  Hello, my kindly visitors.  Hello, the lot of you.  This is my website and welcome to it.

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  1. Dave Whitworth

    Hello Rob,
    I had to read this post twice as I was about to email you to tell you had made a schoolboy error and left the ‘Hello World’ post on.

    Nice one!

    By the way. It was the internal system at Traffics Cool that kept your free membership active.
    Just when I thought it was save to go into the water! 🙂


  2. Rob Knowlan

    Yes, I’m a tricky imp when the mood takes me. Thanks for stopping by.


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